I have been involved in teaching/education related activities for  the past 47 years and have been exposed to Teaching and Learning from Grade R to12 as well at tertiary level.

I have also been actively involved in local affairs, affording me the opportunity to serve a wide range of sport- and community- based organisations. I was a member of the LGNF (Local Government Negotiation Forum) just before the dawn of the new South Africa and served as a local government councillor from 1985 to 2000. I then became a member of the Executive Council of the Makana Municipality in 2000. I served as chairperson of the Local Economic Development Committee until 2005.

After I took a break from local politics I enrolled as a part-time student at our local university. (Rhodes) I have successfully completed an ACE in Technology Education, a B.Ed (Hons) degree in ICT and Technology education and a M.Ed in Science Education.
My main interest is developing e-lessons for teachers. I am really passionate about the potential of ICT in education and would dearly appreciate any assistance and guidance in this regard.

I have been a part-time lecturer for ACE students in Technology Education, Life – Orientation and ICT Education as well a part-time lecturer for the B Ed ICT and B.Ed Science groups in the Rhodes Education Department.

I was teaching in-service teachers during school holidays and this made me acutely aware of the challenges  faced by  teachers in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape. I had the rare opportunity to work in towns and villages like Dwesa, Dutywa, Butterworth, Willowvale, Elliotdale, Port St Johns, Mthata etc. and this was a real eye-opener.

I was offered a temporary teaching post at a local Catholic Primary School in 2018 . This  experience at a primary school groomed me for the offer to assist in the B.Ed Foundation Phase Course at Rhodes in 2019. I was given a few sessions per week. In 2020 I was given more classes and one could say that from 2020 to 2022 I was very fortunate in being afforded the opportunity to interact with young students across the course from year one to year four as well as in-service teachers in the Foundation Phase. The reason why I count myself fortunate is that for the first time in my teaching career since 1976, I became immersed in the curriculum and teaching of learners from Grade R to Grade 3. I really enjoyed this new experience which ended in November 2022.

At the moment I am trying to assist the staff at the Sun City Nursery school that is situated in an informal settlement in the township and my latest experience has proven to be of great assistance.

These days I have more time on my hands and it afforded me the opportunity to co-found the organization called MCCC (Makana Civic Community Coalition) and to fool around with my website:



What originally was initiated to assist Senior Phase Technology Learning Area teachers in South Africa has now become quite a Rainbow site serving all sorts of food for thought in Education.