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CURRENT TOPIC/THEME: Why are so many things going wrong in the world?

Dear Compatriots

I got two responses to my previous post and I am most grateful. The question was:


One wrote,

“If you sit in front of TV set for 20 minutes watching a news bulletin one evening, or read a Mail & Guardian opinion piece in bed, you will swear and feel that the world is going to end the following morning…

… Every full news bulletin – if watched in its entirety – tend to demotivate and to alarm the viewer that this world “is one big, bad world!!!



With apology to the writer. I selected these quotes from his comprehensive response to the question I posed.  

The second respondent’s opinion was short and to the point. He wrote:

“The answer is very simple.
Because people are turning away from Jesus.”

I was hoping to post something on my BLOG at least once a week but unfortunately repairs to my site are taking longer than I had anticipated.

I will be continuing to share my opinion as soon as my site issues have been fixed. Just to fill the gap, I am sharing something that could relate to our discussion for you to think about. We are still on the same theme/topic, ““WHY ARE SO MANY THINGS GOING WRONG IN THE WORLD?”



Without trying to share bad news with you I was just looking at the stats regarding the mortality rate in South Africa in 2022 and wish to share it with. You will find more information at this site.

The question is, can we do anything to change the trends? Maybe this song released in 2010 might be a pointing in the right direction:  If possible, try listening to it with your eyes closed.

This prompted me to look at how many murders were committed in South Africa per day. The source I consulted says 82. (2022) Read more at


Maybe this song released in 1972 is worth all its 3:43 minutes of playing time.  The next one is a bit longer (4.31 minutes) and perhaps it’s best to listen to it when you are in a relaxed mood.

You are welcome share your opinion in the response window below.

Kind regards




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