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BLOG: Is it Fact, Fiction or Opinion??


BLOG: Is it Fact, Fiction or Opinion?



Hopefully we would be able to interrogate difficult issues facing us and use the comments from followers to do some introspection.

Let me start this conversation by saying the following:

Teaching became my calling, but unfortunately not much one learns in any training institution can adequately prepare one for teaching in a South African township school. There were days when I felt like giving up, but somehow I managed to soldier on and pray that somewhere down the line we will reach a space where I will be able to do what I have trained for. To teach…to just be who and what I had anticipated being.



Is a world without problems possible at all? Perhaps one could respond by saying, “Yes if all the people are removed it would be an amazing planet”. But how likely is such a scenario? Maybe it’s just an asteroid away, who knows. Should that happen though, chances are that life in all probability will evolve from some simple form and history will repeat itself. Maybe…

Right now however, we are in more ways than one confined to planet earth and its population is growing in leaps and bounds.

The other very real aspect of our existence is that humans are mostly responsible for the things that are problematic on earth. I am not disputing the fact that massive strides in respect of technology and general improvement in our ability to manipulate our environment to suit our needs and wants have been made, but people are human. We have been more or less human for thousands of years and in being human we co-inhabit living space as human beings. It is this concept of being human that garners challenges in respect of living together in harmony. For any group of individuals, no matter how diverse or unique, living together in harmony poses a challenge and the size of this challenge is directly proportional to the size of the group. One could safely argue that the nature and number of problems increases with an increase in the size of a group. This becomes more apparent when one takes into account that this increase in number happens in a limited space with limited resources.



I am sharing my opinion in the hope of attracting comments or opinions from people who have given this notion some thought.





2 thoughts on “BLOG: Is it Fact, Fiction or Opinion?”

  1. Hi Gerry… here under follows my penny’s worth of my knee jerk reaction to your invitation and suggestion – (I have not thought it out deeply yet, on how I should refine and present it, but here is my spontaneous reaction):
    In this world of a lot of changes and uncertainty, if there is one thing that will never change, it is the fact that a lot of things must and will always change… From a communication perspective, the difference is that the bad effect of this constant change, is lately more effectively and much widely communicated around the world.

    In eras gone by,, nations also used to fight and the many lives then too, were viciously and mercilessly lost. But only people in that locality got to know about the full extent and the wide effect of those in those regions only.

    Those wars adversely effected those local economies only, they affected more those social formations of those regions, and effectively influenced the local political ideologies of those regions.

    Today the world is just ONE single big (“bad”) unit, whose communication spreads across continents, and it does so much more effectively with the aid of advanced communication technology,, and more effectively and with more impact, because of the aid of more effective sounds and more moving visual to go with the account of events or their communication thereof

    Example: An incident during the current Ukraine- Russia war where Russia bombed a clearly marked hideout where women and children were sheltered, cause an international and world-wide reaction/condemnation and or outcry. This localized war is even affecting current diplomatic relations of bigger global superpowers (China and America).

    Even the not-so-near African continent is adversely affected by this war. Some African presidents even travelled to that region in a bid to broker peace (let alone that we -far away back at home – even got to know that that our Presidents entourage ended up not reaching their destination, stranded in a plane for hours without fresh sanitation facilities (short of nearly knowing even what soap they used when they eventually got to shower or bath hours lalter!!

    The world, therefore, Gerry is “doing it’s usual thing” in changing. Whether it is good change or bad changes (the latter is usually more frequently and much widely publicized).

    If you seat Infront of TV set for a 20 minutes watching a news bulletin one evening, or reading a Mail & Guardian opinion piece in bed, you would swear and feel that the works is going to end the following morning. The effect of account of doom and gloom you would have been blasted with that evening, detailing only more prominently and visually the more alarming and devastating account of what is happening around the whole world because seeking more sensationalisatiom hidden behind the justication if it being more “newsworthy”.

    Every full news bulletin – if watched in it’s entirety – tend to demotivate and to alarm the viewer that this world “is one big, bad world!!!”

    I rest my case, if the reading “quorum” of MCCC pleases!!!